Gallows play new material at secret party set in London

Plus band announce another secret gig for next month

Gallows played a raucous gig at a party in London‘s Shoreditch last night (July 23) for energy drink Relentless.

The Hertfordshire punk band’s frontman Frank Carter kicked out the venue’s security after just 30 seconds as they stopped fans from moshing during the first song.

“Those guys are going home so please look after one another and we’re gonna have a party!” declared Carter from the stage.

Gallows then played four new tracks, with Carter telling the crowd: “These are some new songs. We hope you like them.”

Bleeding heavily from a head wound and boasting a swollen cheekbone after beating himself with his microphone, Carter was typically pumped up throughout the gig.

“All of our families are here today so give it up for them,” declared the singer to the 500-strong crowd. “My mum doesn’t give a shit. She loves me whatever. Unconditional love.”

In between songs, Gallows sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a 50 year-old ‘superfan’ called Geoff, with the singer observing: “He’s 50 years old and he’s still in the pit!”

Later, Carter crowdsurfed while singing new new song ‘London Is The Reason’, a track he explained was about rats taking control of a city.

The frontman then announced that Gallows will be playing a ‘secret’ gig at Camden Underworld on August 19 under a false name.

“Fuck it, I ain’t going to beg, but come down to see us – we’ve sold fuck all tickets,” he joked before launching into ‘Belly Of A Shark’.

Gallows played:


‘Untitled New Song’

‘Untitled New Song’

‘Rolling With The Punches’

‘Untitled New Song’

‘Abandon Ship’

‘London Is The Reason’

‘Belly Of Shark’

‘Orchestra Of Wolves’