Gallows’ Frank Carter: ‘I’m quitting music’

Singer says he's getting back into body art

Gallows frontman Frank Carter says that he will be quitting music.

The moment which led to him making the decision came when Carter was tattooed live on stage at Carling Weekend: Reading Festival (August 26) by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert.

He said: “Gallows is not my life. Never has been, never will. It’s a hobby I get paid for. I’m a tattoo artist – that will always be my life and job. Being in a band is something I do for fun. I quit the band four times before we signed to a major label. Gallows won’t last five years.”

However, Carter said the band would continues for the foreseeable future.

He said: “We’ll definitely write and record the next album. And I’d like to make a third. But as I said, tattooing is my life.”

Speaking about his onstage tattooing Carter said: “I was tattooing Jordan {Pundik, New Found Glory singer) backstage before we were due on, which gave me the idea.

“I spoke to Chad and said, ‘It’s one of those shows that’s so important to me, I want to remember it. The design was a lock, to represent the Lock-Up Stage, with seven dots to represent 2007. It was absolutely shit and it hurt like hell, but it doesn’t matter.”