Gang of Four respond to Frank Ocean sampling ‘Love Like Anthrax’

"Most bands just take Gang of Four ideas and call them their own"

Gang Of Four‘s Andy Gill has spoken about Frank Ocean sampling a loop from the band’s song ‘Love Like Anthrax’ on his latest album ‘Blonde’.

Ocean sampled the loop on his song ‘Futura Free’, with Gill explaing how surprised he was that Ocean’s camp reached out to the band to clear the sample before releasing it.

Speaking to Brooklyn Vegan, Gill said that Frank Ocean’s management got in touch with him in November of last year saying that Frank was building a song which featured a loop from ‘Anthrax’ and could he have permission to use it.


“My first thought was that this is fairly unusual for people to be that up front and honest,” he explained. “Most bands just take Gang of Four ideas and dress them up a little and call them their own!”

He continued to explain that his his manager Wendi played ‘Futura Free’ down the phone to him but as the band were driving on their tour bus. Gill says they were “somewhere on the west coast” and that listening to the track that way was “a little bit surreal” as he “couldn’t properly hear it.”

“But I think Frank Ocean is great and I was aware that he was a big fan of Gang of Four.” Responding to a question about whether he realised what a big deal the album was going to be, Gill said: “Because it’s Frank Ocean it was obviously going to be a big deal.”


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