Yorkshire artists cover Gang Of Four’s ‘Entertainment!’ in special Cassette Store Day release

Bands including Sky Larkin, Esper Scout, Love Buzzard and Cattle have contributed to the release

A host of Yorkshire bands have covered Gang Of Four’s celebrated 1979 album ‘Entertainment!’ for a special Cassette Store Day release.

The compilation, titled ‘So… This Is What Passes For Entertainment These Days?’, is being put out to mark the 35th anniversary of the album’s release and will be released with a limited run of 100 copies on September 27. All profits raised will go to Yorksire charity Cloth Cat, which provides free music tuition for local people.

Artists to contribute tracks include Sky Larkin’s Katie Harkin, Esper Scout, Cowtown Love Buzzard. Listen to a preview of Love Buzzard’s version of ‘Guns Before Butter’ below:


The ‘So… This Is What Passes For Entertainment These Days?’ tracklisting:

‘Ether’ –Katie Harkin

‘Natural’s Not in It’ – Cowtown

‘Not Great Men’ –The Pigskin Godhead

‘Damaged Goods’ – Clean Shirts

‘Return the Gift’ – The Tahitian Sons

‘Guns Before Butter’ – Love Buzzard
‘I Found That Essence Rare’ – GG Glitter

‘Glass’ – Nervous Twitch

‘Contract’ – Unwave

‘At Home He’s a Tourist’ – Esper Scout
‘5.45’ – Hank

‘Anthrax’ – Cattle