Gang Of Four announce new album release date and tracklisting

'Content' is due out on October 4

Gang Of Four have announced the release date and tracklisting for their forthcoming new album.

Entitled ‘Content’, the group’s seventh studio effort is due out on October 4.

Released on CD and vinyl, the LP will also be packaged as the ‘Ultimate Concert Can’, which includes the album, photographs, ceramic tiles and even vials of the band members’ blood.

The follow-up to 1995’s ‘Shrinkwrapped’, the post-punk veterans will also release a new single called ‘Who Am I?’ on September 13.

Earlier this year the Leeds four-piece asked fans to help fund the recording of ‘Content’, with a range of album-related products offered in exchange.

The tracklisting for ‘Content’ will be:

‘She Said ‘You Made A Thing Of Me”
‘You Don’t Have To Be Mad’
‘Who Am I?’
‘I Can’t Forget Your Lonely Face’
‘You’ll Never Pay For The Farm’
‘I Party All The Time’
‘A Fruit Fly In The Beehive’
‘It Was Never Going To Turn Out Too Good’
‘Do As I Say’
‘I Can See From Far Away’
‘Second Life’