Gang Starr rapper Guru’s family question ‘death bed letter’

Rapper 'never regained consciousness' before his death, family say

The family of Gang Starr rapper Guru have questioned the validity of a letter he supposedly wrote on his deathbed, in which his supposed last wishes were outlined.

The 47-year-old, real name Keith Elam, died on April 19 from cancer. He had been in a coma since February.

Elam‘s family released a statement to, the website of his former Gang Starr partner DJ Premier. In it, they stated that Guru was in a coma from mid-February until his death – making it unfeasible that he could have written a letter from his deathbed. Producer Solar made the supposed Guru letter public after his death.


The letter released by Solar stated that DJ Premier should not be allowed to trade under Gang Starr‘s name in future. In March, Guru‘s nephew released a video saying Solar had “completely cut us off” [his family] from seeing the rapper.

Referring to Guru‘s condition before he died in their letter, the family wrote: “Guru suffered from multiple myeloma for over a year. Accrued complications from this illness led to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. As a result, Guru was in a coma from mid-February until his death and never regained consciousness.”

They added: “The Elam family wishes to thank the fans of our son/brother/father/uncle/nephew/cousin Keith, aka Guru, for the outpouring of love, concern and support. Our hearts are broken by the loss of someone we loved so much. Guru was devoted to his young son, who will most keenly feel his absence.”

An “all-inclusive memorial event” is being planned for the near future by Guru‘s family, according to the letter.