Maybe Butch Vig's extra-curricular activities are the reason why the band's new album's taking so long - but we've got more news on that too...

GARBAGE drummer and acclaimed producer BUTCH VIG is to curate an online art exhibition

The ex-Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins producer is currently the guest curator for online art retailer [url=], in a photographic exhibition entitled ‘Butch Vig: Remixing Art’. The exhibition is runs until February 23.

Speaking as part of his curators statement, Vig said: “Regardless of whether or not a computer has been used, when you see an image you don’t respond to how it was done, you just respond to what you see. It doesn’t matter if it’s extremely natural or incredibly manipulated. The finished photograph causes some sort of emotional response.


“…It’s the process that I find fascinating. To some extent it’s the same with music, rarely when you start something do you know how it’s going to turn out.”

To see the exhibition, [url=]Click here.

Garbage continue to work on their third studio album in the US. In her latest studio diary on the official Garbage website [url=], singer Shirley Manson said the band are working on another new song, entitled ‘Can’t Cry These Tears’. The track is said to feature “deep subsonic guitars” which sound “smooth like blue velvet”. It is anticipated the album will be released this year.