Bigmouth strikes again - Shirley Manson lets rip about Radiohead...

Garbage vocalist SHIRLEY MANSON has slammed new Radiohead album ‘KID A’ as “forced” and “fake”, adding, “I just don’t have the desire to go back and listen to it ever again.”

Speaking in her regular studio diary on the band’s official website [url=], the Garbage vocalist said: “Listened some more to ‘Kid A’ and I just can’t get into it. Whilst I admire the determined and certainly understandable effort to throw off their ‘Saviour of Rock Music’ mantle, I can’t help but miss what makes them great. (Thom‘s singing. Jonny‘s guitar playing.)

“I just don’t have the desire to go back and listen to it ever again. They don’t sound like they’re doing what comes naturally. It sounds too forced. And bands like Grassy Knoll, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, [Brian] Eno and John Cale have all managed to make music in a similar vein, except they make it compelling and communal and fun and beautiful without it ever sounding fake and aloof, and it seems unfair that they haven’t exactly been declared as genius gods of original thought, despite the fact that they too are making music confounding the typical expectations, confines and structures of popular music. Holy Radiohead. Who dares to speak out against them?”


Elsewhere in her diary, Manson reproduces an entire Rolling Stone article, entitled ‘Kid A – Zzzz’ slagging the album which, she claims, made her “laugh my head off”.

Manson also revealed that she is becoming increasingly unhappy with the recording of the band’s as-yet-untitled studio album. She said: “(I’m) sick and tired of being in a band. Sick and tired of living in a hotel. Sick and tired of a decaying world full of shitty magazines and TV programs (sic) and bad movies and pointless wars and endless violence and moronic actors and vacuous actresses and phoney, manufactured pop stars and… cruelty and greed and jealousy and selfish soulless people and… capitalistic never-ending bullshit.”

However, the band is continuing work on their new album. Another new song, ‘Begging Bone’, is now near completion. Working titles for other new songs include ‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Use Me’, ‘Over A Cup Of Coffee’, ‘Walking On Shells’, ‘Silence Is Golden’, ‘Untouchable’ and ‘So Like A Rose’.