The group claim frontwoman Shirley Manson is being held to ransom...

GARBAGE have launched a lawsuit against their US record label, claiming that they are holding frontwoman SHIRLEY MANSON to ransom.

The legal action was launched on Monday (January 29) in Los Angeles Superior Court by Manson and bandmates Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker.

It cites Almo Sounds, MCA Records, Radioactive Records, UMG, Universal Music Group and Universal Music & Video Distribution.


The suit claims that when Garbage originally inked their deal with Almo Sounds in 1994 their contract included a “key man clause” which would allow the band to leave if Almo chairman, Jerry Moss, left the label he co-founded with Herb Alpert.

Garbage claim in the lawsuit that UMG has acquired Almo Sounds and Moss has retired, and allege that UMG are denying Moss’ departure from his position at the label.

Additionally Garbage claim UMG has indicated they have a hold over the outfit to remain recording on one of their imprints due to a contract frontwoman Shirley Manson signed in the early 90s with Radioactive records while she was part of Angelfish unless they take on a new contract with a UMG label.

The lawsuit reads: “UMG is effectively holding Shirley Manson as ransom for the band’s continued performance for UMG against their will and without the

benefit of Mr. Moss and an independent label.”

The band are asking the court to end their contract with Almo and to curtail Manson’s contract with Radioactive, which the suit claims allowed that label


to garner 25% of the band’s net profits for second album ‘Version 2.0’.

A spokesperson for the band said that lawsuit would have no effect on the

album the group were currently recording in Madison, Wisconsin. “We’re preceding on with recording and writing the album. [The lawsuit] is not affecting that process,” she said.