Singer Shirley Manson says the harsh Wisconsin weather is making her and her band members "lose it"...

GARBAGE are getting ever closer to the completion of their third album, but singer SHIRLEY MANSON has said the US winter is making her and her band members “lose it”.

In her regular studio diary on the official Garbage website [url=]www.garbage.com, Manson said that the band have now sent three new tracks for mastering.

However, she added they are all “in dire need of some light relief” after spending the entire winter in their studio in Madison, Wisconsin.


She continued: “Everyone is low and subdued because the winter cold is relentless and the hours of sunshine come in meagre amounts. A dead body was found floating in the river around the corner yesterday. I guess we’re not the only ones suffering from cabin fever. They say the people of Wisconsin go a little crazy towards the end of winter. I guess I’d better watch my step.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, Garbage are involved in a lawsuit against their US record label, attempting to end their contract. Hole singer Courtney Love is also involved in an action in the US courts against her label.

Manson joked: “So Courtney Love and Garbage are fighting the good fight huh? Maybe we’ll meet up one of these days at The Supreme Court of California and record a rebel song together on my laptop and stick it on Napster the very same day. (Even though I happen to think Napster is an evil corporate monster in the making.)”.

The album should be completed by mid-May, and will be released later in the year.