Garbage are recording a new album - featuring some special guests - while on tour...

Garbage are recording a new album while on tour and Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl are among guest musicians who have already made contributions.

The new songs have been taking shape during the band’s recent summer spate of European festival appearances. Butch Vig has told friends that the impetus for the album came about while Garbage were forced to wait for World Cup ’98 football matches to finish earlier this year. Most of the European festivals the band played delayed their main stage appearances while video screens broadcast the tournament matches to the audiences.

More new album material will be recorded during the band’s soundchecks on their upcoming US tour which begins later this month. The band have also been recording all their European festival shows, tentatively for inclusion on forthcoming B-sides.

A mid-price Garbage live album is also being mooted for release, possibly before Christmas.

Meanwhile, despite being nominated in eight categories, Garbage failed to receive a single MTV Video Award at the ceremony held last Thursday. A spokesman said the band were “obviously disappointed but hadn’t expected to win anything”.