Shirley Manson opens her heart to the world on her Internet diary...

GARBAGE have set a date of May 15 to complete their third studio album.

Speaking in her regular studio diary on the official Garbage website [url=], Manson revealed that a recent meeting with the band’s management to play some of their new material went well.

She said: “It’s full steam ahead here in Madison. Our managers seemed to approve of the material we played them and gave us huge big smiling thumbs up. Date set for finishing this damned thing: May 15.”


Garbage continue to work on the still-untitled follow-up to ‘Version 2.0’. In the most recent sessions, the band changed the title of new song ‘Parade’ to ‘Always Tomorrow’, as well as shelving, “for the time being”, another new track, ‘Happiness’.

Manson also took the opportunity to comment on the ongoing foot and mouth crisis dominating the UK media.

She said: “Some freaky shit going on in the UK with all this foot and mouth disease. What a truly diabolical fiasco and yet another hard hit for all the UK farmers, especially coming so soon after the enormously damaging mad cow scare.

“It’s all so yucky and insane to think how much we have poisoned our food chain. Even soy beans and tofu have been fiddled about with to such an unholy degree that it’s a matter of debate as to how safe they are to eat these days. Stick to the organic vegetables, my friends. That’s my advice!”

The album is expected later in the year, with a tour to follow.