Edinburgh show marks historic sitting of first Scottish Parliament for 300 years...

Garbage and will play a huge outdoor gig on July 1 to mark the official opening of the new Scottish parliament, similar to the Voices Of Wales gala taking place today in Cardiff.

The show will take place at Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens, for which tickets will be available. TV screens and PA speakers will be set up for free in surrounding streets.

Garbage‘s Shirley Manson told NME: “It’s a big thrill for me because I’m Scottish, but also it’s a rare opportunity as a band to play something which is historical.


“It’s such a big exciting beautiful thing that the Scots have got a say in their political system after 300 years, but sadly, I do think there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the situation.

“There’s a lot of apathy from the Scots, apart from the Nationalists, and I don’t really think that the rest of the United Kingdom give a fuck, which saddens me because I think that as a nation we need to recognise the importance of countries trying to move forward together.”

The gig will follow a procession through the streets of Edinburgh with the new members of the Scottish Parliament and 2,000 children from Scotland’s 73 electoral constituencies.

Promoters Regular Music said of their choice of Garbage: “The concept of the concert is to show the contrast between old traditional Scotland and young Scotland.”

Tickets are available on a credit card booking line priced #16.50 and #14.50 (plus #1 booking fee) from a credit card booking line on 0870 73991111.