Garbage’s Shirley Manson denies vitriolic open letter was aimed at Kanye West

The frontwoman reveals it was actually for the attention of a 'completely unknown industry insider'

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson has denied that an open letter recently posted online was aimed at Kanye West.

The Facebook post was addressed to ‘He who shall remain nameless’ and posted over the weekend and branded the artist the ‘loudest clown in town’.

However, a rep for the singer has said to US Magazine that the artist in question was not West, despite speculation from the American tabloid press.

“I would just like to state for the record that my post from a few days ago which has been heisted today by US Weekly and then consequently glommed onto by a variety of so called news sources had absolutely NOTHING to do with Kanye West whatsoever,” commented Manson on Facebook. “It was directed towards a completely unknown industry insider who had in my opinion been rather offensive in his dealings with me last week.”

Manson had previously written an open letter to Kanye West over the rapper’s interruption of Beck’s Grammy Award acceptance speech, telling him that he made himself “look small, petty and spoilt”.

The weekend’s post read in part: “What alarms me more than anything about your nasty little barbs is that you are in the business of representing artists interests and yet you are clearly unaware that not all musicians are obsessed with the charts or being famous. That some of us just enjoy making music and having a long lifespan of a career without having to dance as fast as we can, or be the loudest clown in town or be having to hitch ourselves to the latest, greatest, freshest sound in order to remain ‘on top’.”