Shirley Manson also talks about her potential movie career...

Garbage vocalist SHIRLEY MANSON has revealed that she is considering a film role and has given working titles for another seven brand new songs, can reveal.

Manson is keeping a regular Internet diary via the official Garbage website, [url=] In the current postings dated August 11-17, she reveals she has had more than one offer to appear in a film. She wrote: “Got another movie offer in today that I’m kind of interested in. I somehow can’t actually believe that a geek like me could possibly be in a movie but there you have it. Strange and wonderful things DO happen to the unlikeliest of people. Knowing my luck however, the offer will be retracted the second I express my interest!”

Elsewhere in the diaries Manson says she is having problems finalising the lyrics for tracks on the new album. She said: “It’s so hard to commit to them. To actually firmly decide upon which words I’m going to use on the final version of each song. On this record it seems like I have a variety of options on the direction of each one. (Unlike the songs on our previous two CDs which seemed to dictate their own path). And then to make matters worse, even once I have committed myself to one particular line of thought or direction, I stumble upon an abundance of words or complete lines I desperately want to include only to discover that I am unable to, due to the length or the structure of the music.


“I have to work out what I want to say in the most economical fashion possible using the most attractive words I can find. Then I just have to dump the leftovers. It’s a strange process.

“Then again…there are some words that just come down from the ether in their entirety and dump themselves in my lap. These are my favourite ones…the ones I don’t even have to think about.”

Manson also gives the titles of a handful of new songs which may feature on the band’s as-yet-untitled third album. She said: “Worked on some rough (very rough) mixes today for our own reference which included: ‘Begging Bowl’, ‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Use Me’, ‘Over a Cup of Coffee’, ‘Walking on Shells’, ‘Silence Is Golden’ and ‘So Like A Rose’. They’re all beginning to take on some serious shape which is an exciting realisation.”

Garbage are currently working on their new album, the follow-up to ‘Version 2.0’.