Shirley Manson tells all - and has a pop at Napster while she's at it...

Garbage have started work on their third studio album – having shelved plans to release a B-sides and rare remixes album later in the year.

Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson has been keeping an Internet diary on the band’s official website, [url=], over the last few weeks.

In the most recent entries, Manson reveals that the band are “rejuvenated” and “excited to be back making music again” after a four-month break, and have written 32 songs for their as-yet-untitled new album – nine of which will definitely appear on the new record.


Writing about her time in their studio in Madison, Wisconsin, she said: “Spent a relaxing afternoon at the studio. Practised my guitar (and) worked on some lyrics and then me and the ladyboys honed our list of 32 songs down to about nine definites for the album, leaving the rest as contenders.”

Manson also claimed that the band are looking for suggestions for a title for the new record. She said: “I forgot to mention. If anyone has a really good idea for an album title send it in. If we use it we’ll credit you on the record!”

Manson also revealed that one of the band’s new songs has a working title of ‘Over A Cup Of Coffee’.

Elsewhere in the diaries, Manson slams the controversial Internet file sharing program, Napster. She said: “I see Napster have had a reprieve for the time being and that really PISSES ME OFF.

“It pisses me off that the entire world believes it’s morally A OK to rape musicians of their art and their livelihood. Well it would be a completely different story wouldn’t it, if there was a huge, big Nike factory that was being plundered on a regular basis and everyone knew who was doing the stealing and the stolen Nikes were being given away on the Internet for free to anyone who wanted them. Do you think the fucking establishment would just sit back and allow it to happen? No I don’t think so.

“That particular racket would be shut down in a matter of hours! I realise that particular analogy is a little out there but you get my point.”