The band start mixing their eagerly-awaited third album...

GARBAGE have started “rough mixes” of 16 songs they have recorded for consideration for their forthcoming third studio album.

Frontwoman Shirley Manson has said that although still “we’re still writing”, rough mixes of tracks are now being prepared – although not without the ongoing studio difficulties.

Writing on the official Garbage website, [url=], Manson said: “I’ve had a disaster of a day in the studio. I worked on some backing vocal ideas I had for ‘Pay You Back’ for two whole hours and then when I listened back to them they just sounded too sweet, too perfect sounding. I was so disappointed because I thought my idea was going to work perfectly in the context of the song. And now I feel completely deflated and stupid which is so bloody ridiculous of me because I have to learn to be unafraid of failing. It’s just that I am such a complete wreck in the studio.


“It always makes me so nervous and freaked out. For instance… jamming practically makes me physically sick. I keep thinking that the rest of the band are laughing at me. How fucked up is that?”

However, some of the sessions are still going well. She continued: “We recorded a gorgeous, ambient ride cymbal this afternoon on ‘So Like A Rose’ and it sounds totally sublime. We recorded the body of this song in 15 minutes and the vocal you’ll hear was from my very first take .The only other song I ever managed to pull off in one take was ‘Milk’ off of our first album.

“We’re working on ‘Don’t Care’ this afternoon and Duke has just put down some cool multi-layered contrapuntal guitars on one of the instrumental sections in the song and they sound so dandy! Every time it gets to that part in the song I start to waltz around the studio with a big geeky grin on my face. I can’t seem to stop my feet from moving to it. A good sign I suppose.”

The as-yet-untitled Garbage album will be released in 2001.