Singer Shirley Manson reckons the album has at parts sounded "a bit of a washout", but is now sounding "pretty cool"...

Garbage have written yet more new songs for inclusion on their forthcoming studio album, with vocalist SHIRLEY MANSON claiming brand new track ‘AFTERLIFE’ “already sounds pretty cool”.

Manson is currently keeping a regular Internet diary on the official Garbage website, [url=], while the band record their third studio album, the follow-up to ‘Version 2.0’, in the US.

Manson claims work on the new album has at parts been “a bit of a washout”, but some tracks are now nearing completion. She said: “We had a bit of a washout today in terms of recording, although I did manage to shove a lovely intimate whispery vocal break down on ‘Untouchable’ which helped us finalise an arrangement on that song once and for all.


“I guess we did work on a brand new song this afternoon called ‘Afterlife’ which already sounds pretty cool just with guitar and vocals on it so that’s a good sign. At least we’re getting somewhere.”

Speaking previously, Manson has described the album as “heavier” than their previous output. Working titles for tracks cited for inclusion include ‘Begging Bowl’, ‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Use Me’, ‘Over A Cup Of Coffee’, ‘Walking On Shells’, ‘Silence Is Golden’, ‘Untouchable’ and ‘So Like A Rose’.

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