Shirley Manson calls for robot sex in Terminator TV role

Former Garbage star is relishing her new career

Garbage singer Shirley Manson has spoken out about her role in the Terminator TV series.

The Scottish star has taken up acting with a role in the second series of spin-off show ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, and fans were shocked in last month’s season premier to see her character Catherine Weaver revealed as a shapeshifting killer robot.

And although the series is reported to be in trouble after disappointing ratings, Manson told MTV she is relishing the new experience.

She said: “She’s a very subversive character. The fact that she’s in this male corporate environment, she’s this incredibly self-assured, empowered character, it makes her a scary individual. But Terminators have to be scary – they’re not supposed to be cuddly and warm. And she’s great for business.”

Meanwhile, the sultry star reckons that being made of metal should be no barrier for her character to get some love scenes.

“Can Terminators do it?” Manson asked. “Apparently, I am capable of having sex. They’ve got the mechanics for it. And I can just have better sex because I’m more highly evolved. My technique’s better. I’d love to see some robot sex.”