Butch Vig on Garbage’s ‘Strange Little Birds’: ‘some moments get completely crazy’

Vig says the Garbage album - due in June - is atypical of the band

Butch Vig has called Garbage‘s new album ‘Strange Little Birds’ “completely crazy” in parts, and says the forthcoming release is atypical of the band.

‘Strange Little Birds’ comes out in June, and is followed by an extensive UK and North American tour from the Madison act. Vig has been talking about how the band deconstructed their sound in creating the album.

He told Billboard.com:


“I think it’s quite different for us. It’s very cinematic and there are a lot of sonic moments on the record that are not necessarily typical Garbage. We sort of took the rock out and deconstructed the songs, made them more vulnerable-sounding.

“Some moments get completely crazy, completely blown out. I think it’s one of those records people are going to listen to the first time and go, ‘Wow, what was that?’ They’re gonna need to hear it a couple times to get into it. But we’re really happy with it. We hope Garbage fans will find it as interesting as we do.”


‘Strange Little Birds’ was announced last week, alongside a promise of further European tour dates follwing the release of the sixth studio record.

“The guiding principle was keeping it fresh, and relying on instinct both lyrically and musically”, said frontwoman Shirley Manson at the time of the launch. Strange Little Birds is “less fussed over” than anything Garbage has ever made. “We fell in love with immediacy,” adds Vig.

“To me, this record, funnily enough, has the most to do with the first record than any of the previous records. It’s getting back to that beginner’s headspace. In part, that’s a result of not having anyone to answer to,” Manson adds.

At present Garbage’s two UK dates are as follows – it’s not clear just yet whether further announcements will include further UK dates:


Troxy, London (June 13)
Rock City, Nottingham (June 14)

The new album comes out on June 10 on the band’s own label STUNVOLUME.