Singer Shirley Manson spills the beans…

GARBAGE singer SHIRLEY MANSON has revealed how the band temporarily split up while recording their new album.

The synth-rock veterans are soon to release their fourth collection ‘Bleed Like Me’, but the album came close to being doomed when drummer Butch Vig walked out during recording.

Manson says: “We had a lot of problems making this record. We were very unfocussed and we lost a lot of enthusiasm for what we were doing. We had some big confrontations with each other I suppose, we had to question exactly why we were still in the band. It was just unpleasant and horrible and we had started to argue and throw tantrums and Butch decided that he had to go home to LA for a while, and I went back to Scotland.

“We weren’t really functioning very well, and then when we had the time away we realised that we really had to pool our forces together to get a new album finished. That’s when we started to say, ‘Okay, let’s go back, we can do this. We’re the only people who can make a Garbage record, we have to get it together’.”

After the brief schism, Garbage regrouped and completed the album quickly in the second half of last year. “We just wanted to try and capture the sound of us live and I think we’ve never really managed to do that before.

“The last record (2001’s ‘Beautifulgarbage’) was really weird, we tried a lot of things and some worked and some didn’t. We all felt that the tracks that worked best were the ones that focussed on plugging in the guitars, so that’s what we’ve concentrated on this time round.”

Garbage release ‘Bleed Like Me’ on April 11, preceded by a single ‘Why Do You Love Me?’.