'Beautiful Garbage' is influenced by elements as diverse as TLC and a New Orleans whorehouse, according to singer Shirley Manson...

GARBAGE have confirmed full details of their new album ‘BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE’.

The band have now completed ‘Beautiful Garbage’, after 12 months of recording at the band’s studio in Madison, America.

The album will be released on September 10 via Mushroom, with the first single, ‘Androgyny’, to precede the record on September 3.


The tracklisting for the record runs: ‘Shut Your Mouth’


‘Can’t Cry These Tears’

‘Till The Day I Die’

‘Cup Of Coffee’

‘Silence Is Golden’


‘Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)’

‘Breaking Up The Girl’

‘Drive You Home’


‘Nobody Loves You’


‘So Like A Rose’

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Shirley Manson told Kerrang!: “It’s a fantasy sequence, where Garbage goes down to a whorehouse in New Orleans and meets up with TLC and Noel Coward and Prince. A frisky, tongue-in-cheek, playful fucking kind of song”.

The band cite other highlights as the “incredible” ‘Cup Of Coffee’, and ‘Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)’, which guitarist Duke Erikson claims is “the first time a tuba has ever been sampled and run through a wah-wah pedal”.

The band intend to play live later in the year.