The fiesty Scottish singer admits she felt "lucky" to be part of the band until recently...

SHIRLEY MANSON has said that recording the third GARBAGE album was the first time she really felt part of the band.

Speaking in the current issue of Q magazine, the Garbage vocalist said that upto the work on the band’s new album ‘Beautifulgarbage’, released October 1, she considered herself “lucky” to be part of the group.

She said: “All the songs (on the new record) mean something to me and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that. I was always embarrassed about my role in the band. I felt lucky. The men in the band had an incredible past and I hadn’t. I was just some loser from Scotland who was in a band that everyone laughed about.

“I was very insecure but when we came to make this record, I realised I had something the band didn’t have, something they needed from me, and it was a huge breakthrough moment for me.”

Garbage are planning to tour following the release of the album.