Garbage’s Shirley Manson on Kanye West: ‘He’s a brat and a genius’

The singer previously labelled West the 'loudest clown in town'

Garbage singer Shirley Manson has clarified matters surrounding an open letter she penned earlier this year which seemed to take aim at Kanye West.

The online post in question was addressed to “He who shall remain nameless” and branded the artist the “loudest clown in town”. The letter also claimed that West is “clearly unaware that not all musicians are obsessed with the charts or being famous”.

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However, speaking recently to NME, Manson said: “The thing that irks me the most about modern media right now is the fact that they take everything and they completely distort it.”

She says, despite her comments, that she’s a big fan of the rapper’s music: “I have always loved Kanye West’s music, I’ve got every single one of his records… I think he’s a genius, genuinely.”

Manson added: “But, to see him stand up as an artist who I admire, and embody all the values that I feel artists fight against was disappointing to me. And I felt like, what’s happened to Beck, who I love and admire and is a really gentle, sweet artist, to be vilified, or laughed at on national TV in America sickened me.”

“I just couldn’t help myself – I spoke out about it, I had no idea that anyone would pick up on it. I rant off about shit all the fucking time. I am a big mouth creature, I always will be, and I was shocked by the response that that got.”

“But, to be honest, I just think it was that people were fed up about that kind of brattish behaviour, you know. I can think he’s a brat, and still think he’s magnificent, you know. It’s a complex idea for the media, but there you have it.”

Watch the full video interview with Shirley Manson below.


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