The Garbage singer reveals she had surgery on her vocal chords but she's now recovered...

[url=]GARBAGE singer SHIRLEY MANSON is breathing a sigh of relief after successfully undergoing surgery on her vocal chords.

Writing in her online diary at

[url=], Manson revealed she had the operation a few months ago but has now fully recovered.


She said: “I underwent surgery on my right vocal chord a few months ago and after an entire week of complete silence, some months of gentle rehabilitation and some unbelievably bizarre vocal exercises, I’ve been given the all-clear to sing again.”

She continued: “God I got so scared when I began to lose my voice during the last tour. It’s a freaky experience to suddenly lose the ability to do the one thing you’ve been able to do well your entire life without ever having to think or worry about it.

“To lose control over your voice when you are a professional singer is like an athlete breaking an arm or a leg except you have no physical evidence of your injury. It totally screwed with my head.

“Anyway… I’m just grateful to have my voice back. When I sang for the first time after my surgery it was a profound, life-affirming moment. I felt my mouth all bursting and radiant with sound and I felt so alive and happy. It was incredible!!!! Oh life can be so good sometimes!!!”

[url=]Garbage are currently recording their fourth album, the follow-up to 2001’s ‘Beautiful Garbage’, and hope to have it ready for release by early next year.