Shirley Manson plunges a restaurant into darkness too...

GARBAGE will start work on a new studio album in January.

The group, who are on tour in the US with [a][/a], will enter the studio after a Christmas break. The album will be the follow-up to ‘Beautifulgarbage’, which was released in October 2001.

Writing to fans on the Garbage website, singer Shirley Manson said that she took time out to work on songs when the band were in Australia earlier this month. “Had an official ‘Day Off’ but didn’t do very much with my time I must confess,” she said. “Walked around Brisbane a little but felt drained of energy and unenthused so I returned to my room and listened to some of the results of our week-long writing session a couple of weeks ago and found some interesting ideas to build upon for the next record which we will begin working on in earnest sometime in January of next year.”


While Down Under, Manson confessed that she caused a “situation” in a posh restaurant, ending with her being kicked out.

She explained: “We arrived to discover that the concierge at the hotel had fucked up our reservation and there was no table available to us. In hopeless disappointment I leaned back on the wall whereupon my back hit a light switch and suddenly all the lights in the restaurant went off and I plunged the entire room momentarily into complete darkness.

“I very quickly figured out what had happened and switched them back on, lifting my hands into the air in a surrendering position whilst apologizing profusely to all the diners in the room. Needless to say they were all glaring at me with the utmost of annoyance and despite my apology continued to stare at me with disgruntled looks upon their faces… perhaps it was my low blood sugar on account of being hungry or perhaps I was just plain pissed off that we had no table but something just snapped inside of me and before I knew what i was doing, I was shouting ‘Oh fuck off’ at all the rubberneckers whilst standing on my tiptoes, flipping them all the finger with both hands.

“It was then that I felt myself being tugged out of the restaurant by the sleeve of my jacket and I came to the realization I had blown whatever chance we had of charming our way into a table at that particular establishment.”


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