'BeautifulGarbage' will be released in the summer...

The new GARBAGE album is called ‘BEAUTIFULGARBAGE’ and will be released in late summer, NME.COM can reveal.

The band have started mixing on ‘BeautifulGarbage’, after 12 months of recording at the band’s studio in Madison, America.

Speaking in her regular diary on the official Garbage website [url=], vocalist Shirley Manson said that the band wrote one new song, titled ‘Wonderjam’ just as they were about to start mixing.


She said: “We’re working on a brand new song called ‘Wonderjam’ and I have to admit it came whirling out of leftfield. One minute we were discussing getting started on mixing and the next we got this really daft keyboard groove going. Before I knew it I was in my little booth shoving down some scratch vocal ideas and the whole thing sounded so different from everything else on the record that it seemed worth pursuing. We just can’t seem to help ourselves at this juncture!

“We are now aware that we’re all going to have to decide what songs will make it onto the record and which songs will have to be left off. A battle royale lies ahead!”

New songs slated for inclusion on the record include ‘Breaking Up The Girl’, ‘Pay You Back’, ‘I Just Don’t Care’ and ‘Over A Cup Of Coffee’.

Speaking about finishing ‘BeautifulGarbage’, Manson said: “A bottle of champagne is chilling in the fridge as I write. Patiently waiting for it’s cork to be popped. Today is the big day people. It’s all beginning again now.”

Garbage are expected to play live dates later in the year.