And the rock veterans are "pretty chuffed" with how it sounds just now...

GARBAGE are halfway through the recording of their fourth album and hope that the follow-up to 2001’s ‘BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE’ will be completed by October and released early next year.

The new album is currently being recorded at drummer/producer Butch Vig’s Smart Studios in Wisconsin.

“It’s a lot more raw,” Vig told Rolling Stone. “There’s been more live playing and a lot more ad-libbing going on. Instead of really crafting the songs, we’re leaving them a lot looser.”

He added, “We did a little bit of it on ‘Beautiful Garbage,’ but that album was very eclectic. We’re hoping that this is going to have more of a coherent vibe.”

Garbage began work on the new album after finishing a tour with [/a] and The Distillers last November.

Songs that might make it onto the album include, ‘Hangin’ With The Bitches,’ which Vig describes as “sort of a [a] funky groove but a lot darker and noisier” and ‘Right Between The Eyes,’ which he says “is more of a full-on rock song that we’re pretty chuffed with.”