But Shirley Manson ends up "missing out on all the shenanigans"...

GARBAGE singer SHIRLEY MANSON has said she is almost back to full health after being told to rest by doctors – fearful that her lifestyle could be damaging her health.

The band are currently on a US tour, and are returning to Europe in the summer for more dates and festival appearances. Manson was ordered to rest by doctors and given a course of antibiotics to help her avoid cancelling any shows.

Now, writing to fans on the band’s official website, she said the rest is doing her good.

She commented: “Spent my entire day off in bed yesterday. Napped like a baby on and off all afternoon. I’m desperately trying to be a good girl and not tax my voice on days off but it’s so hard for me cause it means that I end up missing out on all the shenanigans. And yes it does get a little boring sometimes but also in a mildly perverted kind of a way it’s rather a divine, nun-like way to exist too.

“I’m beginning to feel a little better these days and my energy levels are creeping slowly back to normal. I even managed to do a full work out before the show so that’s definitely a good sign and if I keep improving like this I will feel so much happier. “