Duke Erikson and Butch Vig break off to play in The Know It All Boyfriends...

GARBAGE guitarist DUKE ERIKSON and drummer BUTCH VIG have formed a new band called THE KNOW IT ALL BOYFRIENDS, according to singer SHIRLEY MANSON.

Details remain sketchy, but according to a note on the official Garbage website [url=]

by Manson, the band played a small show at Jenna’s nightclub in Madison during a break from recording last week.


A UK spokesperson for Garbage told NME.COM today (February 13) he was unaware of the band. He said that it was possible they had formed for just one show.

Garbage continue to work on their forthcoming third album. In the most recent sessions, they have been working on a new track entitled ‘Androgyny’, which Manson describes as “a weird cross breed of a song”.

She said: “Picture little Shirley Ann and the Ladyboys meeting up with The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and Noel Coward in a Florida whorehouse, whilst TLC plays on the jukebox and you just might be able to imagine what the song sounds like.”

It is anticipated the record will be released in summer.