The Garbage frontwoman lashes out at the music industry after revealing "contractual complications" may prevent her from recording with Huey and co....

GARBAGE frontwoman SHIRLEY MANSON has launched a stinging attack on the music industry after revealing that “contractual complications” could put the brakes on a possible collaboration on the FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS’ new album.

Writing on [url=], she revealed that FLCs have approached her to sing on their next record, but said that her “contractual complications” could get in the way: “They want me to sing on one of the songs on their new album. The track is really beautiful and I’d love to do it but…I don’t know

if I’ll be able to due to my contractual complications. Honestly…the music


business has fucking zero to do with the love of music. It’s solely about

the egos of men who only really care about power and dollar signs. They

don’t give a shit about music or bands or people and you know . That’s fine

with me if they don’t but let’s drop the fucking pretence!

“I just wish they

would make it perfectly clear that they didn’t give a fuck. Instead they all


skulk around the edges, hide in corners, send in the lawyers, smile and ask

after the family. God it makes me so angry. Musicians in general get kicked

around like footballs. It gets to the point where you begin to stop wanting

to make music altogether in an attempt to loosen the noose around your own

neck. It’s all so bloody frustrating.”

Meanwhile Manson, who is working on the follow-up to Garbage’s second album ‘Version 2.0’ in Wisconsin, has admitted she is longing to return to her native Edinburgh, saying she has “just totally had enough”. She said: “I want to go

back home to Scotland and hang out in the city with my friends and catch a

bus and eat some fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and hear some Scottish

accents and watch the sea roll up against my garden wall and take a walk

upon the cobblestones and watch Celtic play football on a Saturday afternoon

(even if they lose) and hear my husband laugh out loud at something funny on

the telly and watch my mum boil her Christmas pudding six weeks in advance and

get plastered on whisky and see Edinburgh Castle all covered in snow and

squeeze my nephew’s little hand and go shopping at Safeway and play

whatever CD I damn well please at any volume I damn well please without

anyone asking me to please turn it down!”

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