Garbage’s Shirley Manson: ‘I found the Spice Girls abhorrent – Girl Power was a sham’

'I always hated the term Girl Power'

Garbage singer Shirley Manson has spoken out against the Spice Girls’ portrayal as feminists in the 90s – claiming that ‘Girl Power’ was ‘a sham’.

The alt-rock icon and ‘Only Happy When It Rains’ singer was talking to Vice Magazine about the impact of feminism on music in the ’90s.

“I always hated the term Girl Power,” said Manson. “At the time, I found the Spice Girls abhorrent”.


She continued: “I was 30 when they came out I guess…[But] I felt they were written for, and controlled by, men, who had come up with a marketing slogan and put these girls together. It was pretending to be women taking control, but none of them took control, they weren’t writing, they weren’t producing, they weren’t playing…I found it a sham.”

Explaining the definition of the term, Geri Halliwell added: “Girl Power was a mission. It was like, ‘We feel like this, and we believe there is a whole generation of girls who feel like this, too.'”

There are currently reports that the Spice Girls will reunite to perform a huge show at London’s Hyde Park next summer, however it would be without Victoria Beckham and Mel C.

Last year saw Garbage release their critically-acclaimed sixth album ‘Strange Little Birds’ – read the full NME review here

Garbage’s remaining European tour dates are below.

Nov 05 – Salle Pleyel Paris, France
Nov 07 – Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
Nov 08 – Odense Børkop, Denmark
Nov 09 – Vega Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 11 – Cirque Royal Brussels, Belgium
Nov 13 – Stereo Plaza Kiev, Ukraine
Nov 15 – A2 Club Saint Petersburg, Russia
Nov 17 – Yotaspace Moscow, Russia
Nov 18 – Yotaspace Moscow, Russia
Nov 19 – Tele-Club Yekaterinburg, Russia