Chaos at the 'Pop Idol' runner-up's gig...

At least a dozen female fans, some as young as three, were pulled to safety from the crowd at a GARETH GATES show in YORKSHIRE yesterday (August 2).

A crowd of around 27,000 had gathered to see the ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up and local hero Gates perform in a mid-afternoon slot at the Pulse FM Party In The Park in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

As Gates took to the stage, the crowd screamed and pushed forward.

“It was chaos. They were dropping like flies before Gareth had even sung,” concert-goer Trevor Thompson told The Sun.

West Yorkshire ambulance service confirmed it had treated a dozen young girls.

Fifty injuries were reported over the day, including sprained wrists and heat exhaustion. Five people were taken to hospital.

A spokesperson for Pulse FM said: “As far as we are concerned everything went off without a hitch. Safety was paramount.”

New chart-toppers Atomic Kitten also performed.