Gary Glitter’s band working on comeback album

Backing band say they could return without disgraced frontman

Gary Glitter‘s backing group, The Glitter Band, have revealed that they working on ideas for a comeback album.

The band, who began their career as the backing band of the shamed singer but went on to release records of their own, said they were trying to distance themselves from formerly convicted paedophile Glitter.

New band leader John Rossal told that the band were attempting to create a album that did not recall the music they made with their former singer.

“I’ve got loads of ideas for songs,” he said. “We want to make something heavy, really tribal, really do something with our sound.”

Rossall distanced himself from Glitter, saying he did not have a strong relationship with him even when they were in the same band.

“We were not even that close when we were working with him,” he said. “Glitter was difficult to work with even when we first met him in 1964/65 when we were his backing band in the Starr Club in Germany.

“Even then he insisted on staying in a hotel whilst we had to share digs in bunk beds behind the stage. He was always a prima donna really.”

Rossall did, however, admit that the band’s fate was always linked with the singer, and that previous attempts to make a comeback had been scuppered by his run-ins with the law.

“It seems like every time we get a series of gigs together and some sort of comeback is on the cards, he will get arrested and we lose a lot of shows,” he said. “But when we do play people really appreciate what we are doing.

“People come to the gigs and they understand that the band and the songs are quite separate from the whole situation.”