GCSE students told to listen to Gary Glitter

Convicted paedophile's song is recommended listening on exam paper

One of Gary Glitter‘s songs has been listed as recommended listening on a GSCE exam paper.

It has been revealed that the 1973 Number One hit, ‘I’m The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)’, was named on an AQA GCSE music coursework paper in a list of tracks named “related listening”.

The paper, which was sent to students on November 1, asks them to compose a track which relies on “a change of tempo and/or style for effect”.

An unnamed teacher from Windsor, Berks, asked AQA to withdraw the paper, but was told it was too late and said a spokesman for the exam board even admitted Glitter‘s hit was a “really good” example of a popular song.

AQA is Britain’s biggest exam board, and there has been some anger from parents and child abuse campaigners that Glitter‘s mention could increase his profile.

Glitter was deported from Vietnam earlier this year after serving almost three years in prison for molesting two girls.

The disgraced star currently lives in the UK and is on the Sex Offenders’ Register – he is reported to earn approximately £200,000 per year from royalties.

AQA spokesman Simon Buck told The Sun: “We have only just become aware that there are complaints and as a result are reviewing whether it is appropriate to have Gary Glitter in the coursework. Until the situation is reviewed we are unable to say what decision will be made.”