The convicted paedophile is thwarted in his attempts to promote a comeback album...

Student union leaders have blocked a planned Christmas comeback tour by

convicted paedophile GARY GLITTER.

The glam rocker, who served a four-month prison sentence after admitting 54 offences of possessing indecent photographs of children, has recorded a new album and plans to tour.

But Welsh student leaders, who have been offered dates, have refused to book him.

Kate Richards, deputy president of the National Union of Students Wales, said: “It would be totally unacceptable for Gary Glitter to perform in any university and he will not be welcomed by students in Wales. Gary Glitter may have been popular with students in the past – but not any more.”

Bangor, Aberystwyth and Cardiff student unions have all declined Gary Glitter Christmas show dates.

Glitter’s new ‘Lost On Life Street’ album, which was partially recorded before his conviction in 1999, is only on sale through his Holland-based fan website.

The record has no distribution in the UK, and Tom Watson, a member of the Government’s Home Affairs Select Committee, has written to the British Phonographic Institute calling for an outright ban on what he sees as a “convicted paedophile selling his wares”.