The convicted sex offender is believed to be in the country - but authorities want him out...

Authorities in Vietnam say they will deport convicted sex offender GARY GLITTER if he was found in their country.

The disgraced glam singer is believed to have entered Vietnam from Cambodia last week. Glitter, who served a four-month prison sentence in Britain in 1999 for possessing child pornography, has lived in Cambodia for seven months.

Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Phan Thuy Thanh said immigration officials had checked their records and found no indication that Glitter had entered the country.

“However, they will continue checking,” she said. “Vietnam never harbours such criminals,” ananova reports.

She said the government would notify international police if he is found. “I am sure we cannot let him stay in the country,” she said. “We think that (child pornography) is a crime and he is a criminal.”

Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, is on the Sex Offenders’ register in Britain.