Glam rocker goes down on child porn charges...

Gary Glitter was jailed today after pleading guilty to charges arising from posession of a vast library of child porn images on his computer. Only hours before he was acquitted by a jury in Bristol on eight charges of indecent assault and serious sex offences against a fan over a period of years beginning in the 1980s.

Glitter – real name Paul Francis Gadd (55) – was sentenced to four months at Bristol Crown Court today for posession of material that showed children being raped and tortured, over 4000 photographs that he had amassed on the hard disk of his computer, downloaded from websites catering to paedophiles.

Glitter was almost in tears as he pled guilty to a second lot of charges, the charge sheet – 54 charges in all – taking over 20 minutes to read out.

The ageing glam star was arrested after taking his computer to a local PC World to be repaired. The engineer working on it accessed a file depicting an adult raping a child and turned the evidence over to the police.