Gary Numan is finding a host of musical admirers lining up to work with him...

Gary Numan is planning to work with Afrika Bambaataa and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, following his live collaboration with MARILYN MANSON.

Numan (centre, with new pals Beck and Manson) has already completed some preliminary work with Bambaataa. The pair worked on a new version of ‘Metal’, from Numan’s 1979 album ‘The Pleasure Principle’, in London last week. The song is likely to be released as a single later this summer.

An album is also in the works and Trent Reznor has offered to produce it. The collaborations have come about after Reznor and Manson turned up to shows on Numan’s US tour which wound up recently in Los Angeles.


When Numan met Reznor, the NIN frontman played him a version of ‘Metal’ he had recorded. At Numan’s Los Angeles Palace show, he duetted with Manson on ‘Down In The Park’, from ‘Replicas’.

Numan said: “It’s nice to know these people are aware of my stuff. Bands that I really like are saying they’re fans.” Meanwhile, Numan’s entire back catalogue of albums has been remastered and is being reissued by Beggars Banquet in the UK on July 6.

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