Gary Numan: ‘I don’t really care about electronic music’

Numan says he's 'not a flag waving champion' for the genre

Gary Numan has distanced himself from modern electronic music, stating that he doesn’t wish to be considered a “flag waving champion” for the genre.

Numan admitted in an interview with Bang Showbiz that the technology of modern electronic music still fascinates him, but emphasized that he’s largely doing his own thing these days, and doesn’t really relate to the modern style.

The ‘Cars’ and ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ man said: “I don’t really care [about Electronic music] to be honest. I just look after myself. I do my own thing and make sure I am doing what I want to do and the rest of it does what it likes. I’m not a flag waving champion for electronic music.”


He went on to say that his modern day inspirations are the “same as always really: the life you lead the things that happen. Electronic music is technology driven. We are being fed constantly new equipment and new software, so in a way it’s easy because you are given these amazing things that you couldn’t do a year ago and I find that exciting because I’m anarchy and geeky.”


Numan released his most recent album ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’ in 2013, and remains a cult figure following his substantial 70s successes.

He collaborated with Battles on the track ‘My Machine’ back in 2011, an experience which he described at the time as being “badly out of my comfort zone.”

NME’s ‘Splinter (Songs From An Open Mind)’ review described the album as follows:

“His 20th album finds the 55-year-old in a kind of feedback loop, sounding more like the bands he’s influenced – Depeche Mode’s doomy electronica, say, or the goth-industrial of Nine Inch Nails – than his pioneering singles of the late ’70s. It makes for a decent record that’s neither wildly unoriginal nor a natural fit.”