Gary Numan to release new album ‘Dead Son Rising’ on October 24

Synth pop pioneer also confesses to finding recent collaboration with Battles 'daunting'

Gary Numan will release his new studio album ‘Dead Son Rising’ on October 24.

The album, which the synth pop singer said had evolved from a collection of demo tapes into something “more experimental and fluid”, will be his first studio LP since 2006’s ‘Jagged’. Numan also revealed that he would release another album, ‘Splinter’, in 2012.

He said:

The original ideas behind these songs are now barely visible. In the last nine months, the album has grown into another animal, something more experimental and fluid. It’s ended up being something I’m really very proud of.


In an interview with The Sun, meanwhile, Numan confessed to “feeling badly out of his comfort zone” after he agreed to collaborate with Battles on their ‘Gloss Drop’ LP.

Numan, who contributed vocals to the album track ‘My Machine’, said:

I felt badly out of my comfort zone. I’ve never worked with bands. I’ve always worked on my own. The idea of collaborating with anyone else was quite daunting. So if Battles had any trepidation in asking me I can assure you I had more agreeing to do it.

He also admitted that he was still “really embarrassed” about his singing voice and claimed he’d “never call myself a singer”, adding:

I’ve never been confident about it. I think it’s a little bit better than when I first started. There are people I admire who are genuinely brilliant singers and I know the difference between what they can do and what I can do.

The tracklisting for ‘Dead Son Rising’ is as follows:

‘Big Noise Transmission’
‘Dead Sun Rising’
‘When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come’
‘For The Rest Of My Life’
‘Not The Love We Dream Of’
‘The Fall’
‘We Are The Lost’
‘For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise)’
‘Into Battle’
‘Not The Love We Dream Of’ (Piano version)

Two tracks from the album – ‘The Fall’ and ‘Dead Sun Rising’ – are currently streaming at Gary Numan’s official website. You can also listen to ‘My Machines’ by clicking below.


My Machines (Featuring Gary Numan) by BATTLES