Gary Numan talks of tour bus crash

New-Wave pop icon talks about double-decker smash

Gary Numan has told of his dice with death when his tour bus was involved in a crash.

The Cars singer and electro-pop pioneer was travelling with his band in East Sussex when a driver attempted to overtake their double decker, but ended up hitting the vehicle instead.

Numan was on the top deck of the bus, and was convinced the car was going to smash through a window.


He told The Sun: “We felt a thud and the bus stopped really quickly. People were thrown to the floor.

“I was on the top deck and saw this little gold car the same height as me going past the window.

“When the car stopped we could see the woman putting the car into neutral before getting out as if it was something that happened every day.

“We waited for the police to arrive so she wasn’t on her own.”

The accident happened near Mayfield, East Sussex, as Numan’s band began their tour.

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