Gary Numan tells critics to ‘fuck off’ at Sonisphere – video

Singer plays down accusations of pretentiousness

Gary Numan has said that people who label him pretentious should “fuck off” – because he thinks he’s based his career on what he called “not being able to finish songs”.

The electro producer/singer was speaking to NME at the Sonisphere festival in a video interview which you can watch on the right. He said that he wrote his first Number One single ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’, which topped the UK charts in 1979 under the name Tubeway Army, in the manner he did because of his limitations.

‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’… it’s actually two songs stuck together,” he said. “Because I lacked the ability to finish either of them. I had a good verse, I couldn’t think of a chorus for it. One day I’m playing this one, started playing that one… I’ll put them together. You end up with a song five-and-a-half minutes long and it goes to Number One.”


He added: “I became successful because I couldn’t write songs very well. And I can’t play very well. My success is based on not being able to finish songs properly and playing badly. That’s going to keep you down to earth, isn’t it. People say I’m pretentious? Fuck off!”

Watch the video interview with Numan in full by clicking on the right.

Rammstein and Iron Maiden were among the bands who played Sonisphere, which took place at Knebworth on July 30 to August 1.

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