The Gaslamp Killer and rape accuser issue joint statement

The original incident dates back to 2013

The Gaslamp Killer and the woman who accused him of rape have issued a joint statement, revealing that they’ve come to an agreement to “move on with their lives and put the lawsuit behind them”.

Back in October 2017, the electronic musician – real name William Benjamin Bensussen – was accused of sexual assault by a Twitter user, who described an alleged incident that she says took place at a party at a Los Angeles hotel in July 2013. The individual claimed that Bensussen “drugged and raped” her and her best friend at the party.

Bensussen later denied the allegations, responding in a statement that he would “never drug a woman” and claiming that the sexual encounter had been consensual. He then filed a $5million lawsuit.

Now, a new statement posted on Instagram from both the artist and the accuser have come to an agreement.

“After engaging in heartfelt discussions with each other about the event of July 5, 2013, William Bensussen and Chelsea Tadros have decided it is their mutual desire to move on with their lives and put this lawsuit behind them,” the lawyer’s statement reads. “For this reason, Mr. Bensussen has agreed to dismiss his lawsuit against Ms. Tadros.”

The statement continues, acknowledging discussions between both sides. “After their discussions,” the statement continues, “Ms. Tadros acknowledges that she does not know who drugged her, and both parties acknowledge that she could have been drugged by one of the many attendees that were present on July 5, 2013.”

No monies have changed hands as part of the settlement.