Gavin Rossdale has 18 songs written for new Bush album

"It should be done by May"

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale has shared that he has 18 songs written for the band’s next album.

In an interview with Australia’s May The Rock Be With You he said he’d used some of the downtime he had because of the coronavirus pandemic to work on new music. Watch the full interview below.

“I’ve just written 18 songs,” Rossdale said. “And we start [in the studio] on Monday with a producer. [We’ll] rearrange — hopefully not too much — the stuff I’ve done. We choose the songs we’re gonna do. We either might use what I started, the tracks, or we might just try nixing them and doing it fresh.”


Rossdale added: “Each song will dictate that. But we go eight days [in the studio] before we come to Australia [for tour] then we do [several days] of rehearsal. And then when we come back from Australia, we’ve got a few days off and then we go back to finish it. It should be done by May.”

He also said that the new album is very similar to the band’s last release, 2020’s ‘The Kingdom’.

“It’s all like that,” he said. “I like that. So I’ve kept it in that vein. That was the launchpad. That was it. I was, like, ‘I’m off.’ I’ve got maybe two ballady [songs], two softer songs, slower songs, but they’re weird.

“I’ve got a studio in my house now and it’s been such an amazing time. You have the tools at your fingertips now to make songs and make music. It’s just staggering. It’s so much fun.”

Gavin Rossdale of Bush
Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs live in 2020. CREDIT: Rich Fury/Getty Images


Last month, it was announced that Rossdale is launching a new cooking and entertainment show called E.A.T.

According to Deadline, the rock star cum dinner host will “invite celebrities to his home in the Hollywood Hills where he will design, prepare and serve them a three course meal”.

While E.A.T. has yet to find a network or streaming platform, shooting for the show is reportedly “underway”. Roundtable Entertainment is producing the series.

“Roundtable are the exact partners I’ve been looking for to produce this project,” Rossdale said. “They understand my vision and will help execute a compelling series in which we get to see behind the public persona of people we know and admire for their work.”

He continued: “This show is about connecting more deeply with them, hearing their stories, walking in their shoes. It’s hard to be surprised anymore, but the simplest surprises are the human revelations that occur over food and drink.”

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