Speak your brains on this week's NME cover 'star'...

Every now and then a band comes along that starts the tongues wagging. Gay Dad are the latest. What a great name. Formed by a rock journo. Theories a-go-go. Shedloads of press. Marketing overload in an industry desperate to kickstart something. Anything! Hype in other words. Dreaded hype.

And with hype, battlelines are drawn. Some, jealous of the attention they’re getting, start shooting them down. ‘They’re all mouth and no trousers.’ ‘Can’t walk it like they talk it.’ And with the gripes come the champions, claiming vive la revolution, looking to alienate the critics, make them feel foolish, out of the picture and old.

So, Gay Dad. Which side are you on? This week’s NME look’s at all the hype and reality surrounding this band


Will they ultimately be revealed as a provocative and truly radical pop combo?

Or are they just a music biz hype that will never manage to walk it like they talk it?

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