Their chart entries show that their label has witheld production and writing credits on 'To Earth......

Questions have been raised regarding the writing and production credits of the Gay Dad single ‘To Earth With Love’ since the words “information withheld by label” has appeared in all chart listings where authorship is normally acknowledged.

In Music Week, the industry’s trade paper, the phrase was used three weeks in a row since the band’s debut single entered the charts at Number 11.

The band’s label London Records have not revealed who should receive the production credit.


According to a source close to the band, a problem has arisen because the current single is made up of various versions of the track recorded over the years since Gay Dad formed in 1993. As reported in NME (February 6), the earliest recorded version of ‘To Earth With Love’ to circulate in the industry appeared on a tape in 1996.

Gay Dad have recorded several versions and used bits from various ones to put together the current single,” claims the source.

The source said he understood the problem was that London Records were simply holding back the information until they could track down all of the people involved in the record, to avoid any costly legal wrangles at a later date.

However, a spokesperson for London maintained that the withholding of information in the national charts was simply a “printing error”. But ERA, the company that compiles the charts in Music Week, maintain they were refused the information by London.

According to the band’s press officer said: “This was a misunderstanding between the information from the record company and ERA. The matter has now been solved and is no longer a mystery.”

In the current Top 75 in Music Week dated February 20, the song is credited to Crowe, Jones, Hoyle and Risebero. The production is still uncredited.


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