Frontman Cliff Jones claims the band are "on a silver rocket to the mooooon"...

Gay Dad vocalist CLIFF JONES has posted a message on the Internet, claiming that the band are currently “on a silver rocket to the mooooon”, and set to return with a new album in the near future.

The statement, posted on the messageboard of an unofficial Gay Dad website, Gay Dad[/a] website, [url=], in the coming weeks.

Jones reveals that the band are looking at 15 songs for the new album, selected from a list of 30. He continued: “We know you have all been looking elsewhere for your thrills and probably think Gay Dad have disappeared into the annals of rock history but you should have known better! Gay Dad are no footnote.


“As for me, well it’s been a rough old time for a while. I had a very depressing time at the beginning of the year as the recording started badly. We were all so tired after the US tours that we got sick and ended up trying to cut the album too soon. I am glad we have taken our time as so much has changed. All the promise we wanted and all the ideas we promised just didn’t materialise because of conflicts with various people who thought our ideas were insane and unworkable.

“Now we are the masters of our own destiny, we are truly on a silver rocket to the mooooon. We love it again, we are in great shape and this time, it’s a spine cracker!”

A spokesperson for the band confirmed the message to be authentic.

Gay Dad were scheduled to release a new single, ‘Soldier’, last May through London, but that release never materialised.