"The four members of Gay Dad wrote 'To Earth With Love' and no-one else was involved," Cliff Jones says...

Gay Dadsinger Cliff Jones has contacted NME to clear up the mystery surrounding the writing and production credits for the band’s debut single, ‘To Earth With Love’.

NME had reported that the words “information withheld by label” had been added to chart listings where production credits and authorship usually appear.

But Jones said they hadn’t told their record company, London, who was responsible.


He said: “There is no mystery. The four members of Gay Dad wrote it and no-one else was involved and we recorded it all in June last year at RAK studios in London. We produced it with an engineer friend of ours, Mark Frith.

“We just said on the record ‘all songs by Gay Dad‘ and as we haven’t been to see our record company yet, I think nobody there knew that we were James, Cliff, Nigel and Baz.”

Meanwhile, the band’s new single ‘New Age Panic (Joy)’ comes out in April, followed by their debut album, ‘Leisure Noise’, in late May or early June.


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