The soccer star and British DJ, along with pal Danny Baker are alleged to be the brains behind a 'sorrowful' version of 'The Birdie Song'...

NME.COM has been sent an anonymous CD single with an unsigned letter claiming that it is a novelty Christmas record made by CHRIS EVANS, GAZZA and DANNY BAKER.

Tinny and tacky enough to be true, it was mailed to us anonymously by someone who claims that they worked at studios in London when the trio came in to record vocals after boozing sessions in Soho. According to the letter, they sang more than 12 songs, including “a sorrowful version” of ?The Birdie Song?.

The two songs on the CD, which the mole claimed had attracted major label interest, are ?The Drinkers Song? and ?Aliens Are Coming?. They are copyrighted to Lush Records.

Evans? PR said she had heard nothing about the TFI Friday creator and host?s alleged bid for chart stardom, and it is as yet unclear whether it is a hoax or a genuine leak.